Starship Marquis – Photography

This one I call “Starship Marquis”. This is the Marriott Marquis in Downtown Atlanta. This hotel has been used in several feature films including the new “Loki” series on Disney+. I took this image years ago during DragonCon convention. Back when humans could gather.. good times. This hotel actually inspired a piece of prose I wrote (also years ago). It’s funny what massive architecture does to us. It can truly inspire.

Have you ever fallen in love with the night. I found myself alive once in the towers of a city unfamiliar. It was a beautiful dream a lifetime ago.


Concrete glimmers, flickering neon glow bathing city streets, asphalt blackened and sinister beneath the liquid rush of skies torn open above. At every angle, every cell of this structure, life boils from every pore of this city. As it breathes around me, eyes penetrate my exterior, knowing nothing of the cavernous depths beneath this skin imperfect, I dance between raindrops, towering architecture gently kisses the soft underbelly of passing storm clouds as they dance coy yet seductive into the cradle of night. Past the alleys, amidst this tangle of steel and light, soul oblivious to my dampened exterior, and miles pass beneath me, this thought of you, a shadow lurking, pacing the metropolis, lost inside myself.

Foot steps tap out this rhythm and echo the halls of this grand structure rising to the upward depths. Inside I climb higher, out of the rain but drowning still in the swirling sea of souls, this glass beast lumbering against the skyline of a world unfamiliar. Some strangeness inside, a grain of sand beneath my hardened shell, something grows with each step. The words you whispered that night, the simplest three, sweetly spoken trinity, healing elixir of life and all things, such a gentle caress breathed past the lips, soothing as any touch, and deafened now, they are all I hear. I find myself among millions, alone still, lonely still, wanting only one.

Deafened, her eyes find me in the darkness and in this silence I am found.

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