World War C – The Battle of 2020 – Digital Art

Hello all my housebound friends and photography and art fans. I just wanted to check in and update you all on what I’ve been up to in this quarantine and ask if you all are doing okay and staying safe and healthy. Right now I’m just trying to stay occupied and pick up design and website clients because it’s easy to distance work in that regard. Not much luck as so many are worried about finances they are hanging onto every dollar just in case. And art isn’t essential to survival in the current future we are facing down. When things go south creatives like myself are the first expendable people to lose their sources of income. No one hires a photographer when people aren’t gathering and businesses are closing daily.

My entire family is out of work for the forseeable future and I’m at home trying to figure out ways to not feel so “Nonessential” while still taking care of my Sister, my elderly mother who is high risk for this nightmare, and my girlfriend who lives with me. Being the only one in the house who can even possibly do portions of my job remotely, a lot has fallen upon my shoulders. I have been trying to find ways to occupy my mind which likes to over analyze every single thing about this situation we find ourselves in as a nation.

I stayed awake for about 48 hours and created a new line of prints I call “World War C – The Battle of 2020” and its to pay homage to all the medical staff and first responders in this very real war we are fighting. I have family, friends, and loved ones who work in hospitals and clinics and are putting their life on the line each day to help others.

These are three pieces I created to honor Italy, New York, and Madrid. Three of the hardest hit by this pandemic, Battle lines are being drawn and we stand with you in this fight. Even if we have to do it alone. from home. that’s the message I wanted to send. That we stand alone together and face a very real enemy. As real as any world war we’ve fought.

I’ve created pieces for Paris, Tokyo, Madrid, Rome, London, Atlanta, Chicago, Seattle, Los Angeles, New York and Montana as a custom piece for my girlfriends mother who is a nurse on the front lines of the battle that’s going on there. Even in the mountainous places of the world and small towns this war is claiming victims. I plan on adding more pieces and more cities as requested.

I know many of us are struggling to just pay our bills, feed our families, and just get by and get through this responsibly and for the safety of our fellow men and women we are making sacrifices we never thought we’d make but doing so gladly.

Here is a link to my print gallery and store. The “World War C” collection should be visible as soon as you arrive there:

Jason L. Bohannon
Soulfuric Studios.

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