Photography – Chattahoochee Golf Club – Gainesville, GA

I was recently approached by the City of Gainesville about capturing some personality shots of Chattahoochee Golf Club. The course that resides in the country club in North Hall county. I met with Terri Kapetanis with the city managers office and Roger Hogan the Director of Golf at CGC and discussed the project. The goal was to produce images that could be hung on the walls of the newly renovated clubhouse and restaurant. I spent several days riding around on a golf cart making golfers and staff alike wonder why I was laying in the grass and not golfing.  I think at one point the course manager rode up to me and asked if I was okay, because why else would someone lay prone in wet grass at 8am? haha.

I produced about 100 finished images for the project and 16 were chosen to grace the walls of the clubhouse. Local print shop Captured To Canvas is creating an assortment of large canvases and pvc prints that will fill the bare walls with my imagery in the coming weeks. Once everything goes up inside the club I’ll snap more pics and share here. The gallery below are my favorites from the two days I spent at the course. Many of these made the final cut and will be on display.

Thanks to Terri, Roger, and of course Mark at Captured to Canvas for all your hard work with me on this project. I am definitely proud to see my work hanging anywhere in my hometown.  Hope you enjoy the pics.


The first round of canvases are officially hung at Chattahoochee Golf Club in Gainesville, Georgia. The owner of Two Minds Artistry and Captured to Canvas, Mark Sundermeyer, sent me the images after he installed them earlier. His work with canvas and graphics are amazing and his mural work.. unbelievable so go check his sites out! These are around 40″x60″ inch custom built canvases hanging right at the entrance to the club.


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